• Francis Horton

What's coming next?

The shower fizzies have been pretty popular, but we're always looking to expand what we're doing. Not just for bath products, but sustainability. We are looking into creating beeswax wraps for shipping our products are they are more environmentally friendly and reusable than the usual plastic wrappings.

Also we're experimenting with making toilet cleaner fizzies. They differ from your general aroma therapy bombs because they have vinegar and hydrogen peroxide for keeping the bowl clean, but the idea is the same. Drop one in your toilet every 10-15 flushes and let it sit. As I said, we're still experimenting with it, but look for that in the shop soon.

Finally, we are also going to experiment with bath bombs as well. We have done a lot of searching online for various molds and might be able to do some kind of prize inside for kid's bath bombs. Of course, we'll have ones for the adults as well that don't pop out a toy dinosaur or something similar!


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